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we have been engaged in various financial and contractual negotiations by our client / on behalf of our client and we also possess a good record in handling Family matter because we understand that when there is a rift inside the Family relations it is not always the court which solves the problem instead a good counselling session is what you need to save your family ties.

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Family matters & domestic relations

civil unions & domestic partnerships

We at LawyerKaka understands that family is the best example of an organization bound by love and affection and it aids immensely in the growth and efficiency of an individuals.  Every individual is protected and nurtured by the values of their family so when a dispute between the members of the family arises, we pay extra emphasis on the protection of the family value and we try and mediate the matter with various counselling sessions however if nothing works then we leave no stone unturned in protecting our client’s interest by representing him/her in the court of law. Some of the examples of the cases that we deal with in the family organization are as under:-

  1. Restitution of conjugal rights
  2. Maintenance of dotage parents, wife and children
  3. Child custody
  4. Child visitation rights
  5. Domestic violence
  6. Family Settlement deed
  7. Mutual Divorce
  8. Divorce on merits

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